Medical Card Protest Rally 2008

April 9, 2009

8th December


Irish Senior Citizens Parliament


Click here for loads more information on the medical card crisis.



  1. Good luck to all from support from the US.

  2. The welcome for “the changes announced by the Government” by the ISCP and published as a banner on their website is pure folly and exactly what Government intended for two reasons.
    Firstly the limits are set as gross income wuth no allowance for tax, levies or expenses. Secondly savings and assetts will be counted not on the basis of REAL INCOME but on IMPUTED INCOME as used for the under 70s card and for pensions. This is a way of DISQUALIFYING people with signifucant savings and forcing them to USE UP their SAVINGS. Instead of climbing down the Government sat down and devised the best way of fooling the pensioners so they would calm down while the law is passed. Afterwards they will say ” Well, it is the same for all social welfare assessments of savings and we made it clear that gross income was the limit, time to move on ” Shame on the Government for the DIRTY TRICKS and shame on the many commentators and on the ISCP for being fooled and actually promoting this SCAM and ILLUSION. So not only did the Government attack the elderly by taking the cards it constructed a SCAM and ILLUSION and presented it as a climbdown after the first attempt caused such protest. They think you are fools and it seems to be working !

  3. Please strongly and firmly continue the campaign. I thought Sylivia Meehan was very week in welcoming the changes to the card. No welcome should be expressed. A bigger protest before the social welfare act would be the best thing.

  4. Congratulations on your highly successful protest at Dáil Éireann this lunch time. It was a fantastic example of active citizenship & democracy in action. Let’s hope the Government have the good sense to listen.

  5. Good luck to 1 & all in the March to-day. You indeed have my support & the full support off all my family & friends here in the UK

  6. Hello. My father is 80 and my mother is 79. They have State pensions and his work pension. They have savings and a lump sum. With the new limits I think they will keep their Medical Cards. They worked hard all their lives and deserve this service.

    However, they and I agree that there should be means testing for all State benefits, including this one. Anyone who has earned or is earning huge amounts of money should not have a State benefit like this.They can well afford to pay for private clinics etc.

    It is the same for College Fees. If parents are so wealthy, they can pay their children’s college Fees. What has happened is that wealthy parents have used their money to buy up property for their kids,rent them out to “foreigners” at exhorbitant prices, and sold them at huge profits. Meanwhile their childern are going to college in nice cars and wasting time and money.

    Young teenage mothers and their so called partners should also be scrutinised. They are a total drain on our society. I know several single parents who work hard and pay their way with some benefit from the state, which I think is fine. But there is a culture in this country which encourages young teenage parents to claim for every possible benefit from the state. This is totally unjust.

    I agree that anyone who has contributed to the State should benefit in retirement and old age, and anyone who is in real need of benefits should also claim. but otherwise, means test and scrutinise everything so we have a fairer society.



  7. My father in law has traveled up from Leitrim to attend the march. Like the Irish Ferries march I will be considering taking the children’s education seriously tomorrow and bring them along too. The rotten means test is still in place, either it goes or they go!

  8. Currently my Grandmother is awaiting surgery, she and her husband paid taxes whilst working in this country, as have countless pensioners who paid tax and PRSI when these taxes were at historically high rates during times of recession… it is our duty to protect the rights and dignity of the elderly in our society….revoking their right to the medical card is abuse of their human rights and must not happen.

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