Silent support to reinstate Christmas bonus

May 22, 2009

Silent Dáil ProtestA variety of TDs, MEPs (& MEP candidates), by-election candidates and local election candidates came out to lend their support to the Irish Senior Citizens’ Parliament campaign to reinstate the Christmas bonus.

A small group of activists from the Parliament (some came from as far away as Westport) gathered outside Leinster House at lunchtime on Thursday 21 May 2009 to protest the savage 2% cut in the state pension to some of the most vulnerable in Irish society. It was agreed beforehand that a small silent protest would be the most appropriate way to make our feelings on this badly targetted cutback known.

Silent ProtestEvery TD had been informed & we were delighted to be joined by a number of them. Their solidarity was enhanced when we were also joined by a number of candidates for the local & European elections as well as a Dublin Central by-election candidate.

The ISCP quietly made our point – the next time we might be noisier.

What do you think?



  1. all i’m hearing is reinstate the xmas bonus for pensioners, what about people with lifelong disabilities, and their carers that are saving the government vast amounts of money every year by providing full time care at home , i say reinstate the bonus for them too!

  2. In budgetary cuts, vulnerable people should not be the first to suffer. Their needs don’t change just because we are in a recession. Even during these difficult economic times, it is still possible for essential services to be carried out. I urge our Government to reinstate the Christmas bonus.

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