Introduction to Computers in DCU

February 26, 2010

DCU’s Intergenerational Learning Project aims to bring together third level students and older learners in a third level learning environment so as to exchange knowledge and learn from each other. As part of this project, DCU are organising an “Introduction to Computers” module.

This module is for beginners, or a little more advanced learners or indeed very advanced learners.

The DCU students meet with and facilitate older learners (ie older people aged sixty plus) to learn the information technology skills such as how to use the internet, how to use e-mail. The more advanced learners come to understand how to use digital photography. We also have a tea/coffee break for twenty minutes between these sessions so that the older learners can meet with and chat with the DCU students. The sessions are great fun and are very enjoyable.

The sessions will run from 6th March until the 24th April 2010.

There are places available for 30 people who are interested in attending this fun and interesting session. We meet on Saturday morning in DCU in the School of Education Studies between 10.00am and 1.00pm. We can arrange to meet our new older learners at the front entrance of the HELIX at about 9.50am and show them to the rooms where we teach and learn together. The cost for the six Saturdays is 60 euro for the full course. This however can be reduced depending on the individual circumstances of each older learner.

If you are interested please contact Trudy Corrigan at 7007865 or email trudy.corrigan@dcu.ie
For more information click here: http://www.dcu.ie/education_studies/intergenerational/


  1. will you be doing this again I am very interested,thanks,Josephine.

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