New Executive elected at APM 2010

May 4, 2010

The following Officers and Executive Committee were elected at the Annual Parliament Meeting to serve for the coming year.

President: Peter Campbell

Vice-President: Ena O’Mahoney

Hon. Secretary: Evelyn Moran

Treasurer: Nell Foley

Trustees: John Tierney, John J. McLoughlin

Executive Committee Members:

Jim Cousins, Anthony Gilligan, Henry Harding, Barney Hartnett, Joe Jennings, Ignatius Martin, Patrick Morgan, John F. Murray, Anna O’Farrell, Breda O’Malley, Patrick Philpott, Séamus Rodgers, Patrick A. Stanley, Gerry Whyte, Jerry Withers

The 14th Annual Parliament Meeting took place in the Liberty Hall Theatre & Conference Centre on 26 and 27 March. The APM was attended by over 240 delegates and observers from all parts of the country. On Friday night delegates attended a dinner and social event.

Peter Campbell & Sylvia Meehan

A presentation was made to the outgoing President, Sylvia Meehan (pictured left with incoming President Peter Campbell). She received a standing ovation for her service and a slide show of some of her highlights in the Parliament was shown.

The APM was addressed by President Mary McAleese on Friday afternoon, when she thanked the Parliament for its work. Speaking about the Parliament, President McAleese said “it only exists because you care about the quality of life of our senior citizens and care enough to get involved, get organised and insist on being heard … The Irish Senior Citizens Parliament is a stellar example of older people working for older people and for Irish society, infusing it with their vitality, vision and distilled wisdom.” (Click here for full speech.)

On Saturday the APM heard a “call to arms” from Parliament CEO, Máiréad Hayes and out-going President, Sylvia Meehan. They stressed the need for all member organisations to fight together in the campaigns to achieve the objectives agreed at the APM. They said the ISCP was up for the fight & that victory can be achieved by standing together and using the passion and skill abundant in Older People.


One comment

  1. Dear Administrator
    I am appalled at the idea of cutting or means testing the old age pensions.
    I would state that – Government Ministers, TD’s and Local Government Councillors do not pay into any type of a scheme in their official capacity. Yet the Government can make provision, out of Exchequer Funds – i.e. taxpayers taxes – for pension or gratuity entitlements after a short number of years – 2 years gratuity in the case of councillors and pension after 5 years in the case of the oireachtas if they last that long! Also the Government cannot, apparently, make them give up these pensions even when they are still serving members with often professional practises or directorships as well. It is their personal property! Perhaps the old age pensioners need to take the same stance – ie. that the old age pension is their personal property and take legal advice on this. Remember old age pensioners paid PRSI contributions into a Social Insurance Fund in order to fund their old age pensions. TDs, Ministers and Councillors did not pay into anything and yet receive gratuities or pensions!
    If, Mr. O’Cuiv, wants to target the ‘elderly wealthy’, and cut anything. he should start with the Dail Members, their salaries, allowances and particularly the practise of giving Ministers government cars and two drivers. If we had a little less ostentatious living by the members of Dail Eireann, the property developers, and financial institution senior management, then we would not need to target people who have worked for the stability of the state all their lives and not against it for personal profit and gain!

    Hands off the old age pensioners and their personal property – their prsi – social insurance – legally paid for pensions. See Mr. Fingleton for his €1 million which he has not returned. Now that’s the old age wealthy Mr. O’Cuiv should be targeting.

    Yours….. A Support of grey power!

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