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Stop Flying Kites

September 16, 2012

Kite Flying & Pensioners  

 Scarcely 4 days after the Tanáiste warned about the dangers of “a season of kite flying and leaks in the run up to the Budget ’” we find Minister for State,  Brian Hayes T.D. launching a divisive attack on older people”.

 Mairead Hayes CEO of the Irish Senior Citizens Parliament said “it is very disappointing to read the comments attributed to Minister Hayes implying that older people have come through “this crash and still have their incomes intact”.

Continuing she said that “Minister Hayes needs to take some time, sit down and brief himself about the cuts, reductions in services of all kinds and extra charges which have affected older people” . Continuing she said “he will find that the reality is much different to his perceptions”.

“It is doubly regrettable” she continued “that comments which could be seen to be divisive and lead to intergenerational strife are occurring in this the EUROPEAN YEAR FOR ACTIVE AGEING AND SOLIDARITY BETWEEN GENERATIONS 2012.”

Concluding she said that “this matter is so serious that both the Tanáiste & Taoiseach should state publicly if the remarks by the junior Minister are representative of the views and depth of knowledge of the cabinet as a whole with regard to older people”. 



16th September  2012



September 10, 2012

All senior citizens are invited to DCU Age Friendly exciting Initiative’s.
Its a Taste of DCU DAY for older people. The aim of this Taste of DCU DAY is to welcome you OUR SENIOR CITIZENS to our campus and to provide YOU with an opportunity to experience a variety of very exciting academic, sports, cultural and social activities which are currently on offer in our university.
learn about the opportunities that will be available on campus beginning in October 2012. The Taste of DCU DAY will be a very enjoyable and exciting day which includes a tour of the sports centre, a tour of a science lab and a visit to the Helix theatre. YOU  will have an opportunity to meet with DCU students and staff and to attend ‘An Introduction to Lecture’ on a variety of interesting modules on offer.

The event will begin in the School of Nursing at 9.00am and concludes in  the Helix Theatre at 4.30pm.

Dont be put off if you cannot be there at 9am come along  when you can. The day is free of charge for all participants, including lunch. Free car parking will also be available on the day.

Please see our brochure of the day’s events attached. We would appreciate if participants could fill out this online brochure and forward the details to us asap. There is also a contact phone number attached if participants would like to book by phone. Please tell your friends about this event.

Here is the online link:

We look forward to meeting you on the day.

Dr Trudy Corrigan,
Amy Lucas and Evan Hollywood,

The DCU Age Friendly Group



September 3, 2012

Low Hanging Fruit

 The Irish Senior Citizens Parliament is angered and saddened by the areas of cuts which have been announced by the HSE today. These will affect people and their families who are striving to remain at home and cope with age related frailties and disabilities.

Where do these cuts leave the promises to allow people to remain at home in their own home and communities? There is an old saying about a Straw breaking the camels back and this may just be THE Straw for many families who are managing to cope with caring in the home.

We are calling for a detailed breakdown from the HSE of how this will work and we are asking the Minister for Health James Reilly to come out and tell us if this plan has been agreed by him and to state clearly how to quote “the impact of these reductions will be minimised by achieving greater efficiency in the packages currently provided”.

The ISCP is calling on the HSE, Minister for Health, James Reilly T.D. and Ministers Shortall and Lynch to reach further up the tree and tackle some of the “RIPE FRUIT “nearer the top. 

These cuts must be reversed 


for further information contact:                                           

Mairead Hayes                                                                        Tel:   (01) 8561243

Chief Executive Officer                                                                    

Irish Senior Citizens Parliament                                                30th August 2012