More than Fifty Shades of Grey with a touch of Green

November 15, 2012

“No To Austerity!”

The Irish Senior Citizens Parliament (ISCP) will be taking part in the anti-austerity march & rally being organised by the Dublin Council of Trade Unions on Saturday 24 November 2012.

“We are calling on all older people from around the country and especially those in the Greater Dublin area to join us”, said Máiréad Hayes, CEO of the ISCP. “We want our members and friends and families to march in protest at the cuts and in support of investment and job creation.”

The Parliament is asking their members to dress in shades of grey with a sprig of green. “The grey of austerity must be offset with the green shoots of hope”, continued Ms. Hayes. “There are a wide variety of older people in Irish society and this will be reflected in the shades of grey we will wear on the march. Older people are working, retired and unemployed. They are able bodied and disabled. They are carers and they are being cared for. They are living alone or in families or in homes.”

“However we stand together in 2012, the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations, with all those suffering under the austerity budgets and those struggling to survive on the brink of poverty”, concluded Ms. Hayes. “Older people and their families are all too familiar with the effects of the cutbacks on the most vulnerable in Irish society.”


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