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November 30, 2012


Some key elements of Budget 2013 are emerging through targeted leaks. All or most of them have the potential to affect you, your family and extended family. Many seem like proposals that may well emerge others may be just kite flying.

However NOW is the time to act if you do not agree with what is being proposed. I am urging you all to contact your local Dáil Deputy, Senator and local representatives to voice your concern. Do not delay, you must act this weekend. Go to their clinics, telephone them send a letter or an email.

Express your concerns in a quiet and dignified manner, that way they will listen. Tell them how austerity has affected you and your family’s lives.

Show them how you will be affected if you have lose a benefit or have to make new payments.

Remember everything is still on the table and there is still time to influence the outcome of the Budget process. Please pass this message to your friends, members of your groups and any other contacts you have.



Contact details: 

Mairead Hayes 




December 14, 2011



The Irish Senior Citizens Parliament welcomes the fact that in Budget 2012 Pensions in payment were maintained at their current rate. However the Parliament is concerned that many members  who are due to receive their pension from September 2012 will be affected by these proposed changes to the contributory rates listed below.

We urge the Minister to consider a more gradual approach to these changes. We also urge all those people who have been in touch with us to make their views and individual concerns/ situations known to the Minister and their elected representatives.

BUDGET 2012 PROPOSED CHANGES State Contributory Pension

Average PRSI Contributions per Year Previous Payment Proposed Payment  Difference
48 or more 40-47 **

















Nil Nil





**Previously this referred to 20-47 contributions

Qualified Adult: at this time we do not have figures

These changes require legislation and are not yet in affect.



For further information please contact

Mairead Hayes 086 349 8848


Eligibility may affect you

December 5, 2011



Effective September 2012 changes to Average PRSI contribution requirements for a State Pensions will result in a new 6 tier payment structure.

Based on today’s rates this will mean lower payments for those who retire from 1st September 2012. The changes as now set out will range from €4.20-€22.70 per week. Taken on their own these cuts will create hardship for many older people especially for those who have broken PRSI records. Many women fall into this category and unless the change is accompanied by a determined effort to look at their unique positions they will badly affected.

Máiréad Hayes, CEO of the ISCP, called on Minister for Social Protection, Joan Burton T.D. to examine these proposals which were unveiled for the first time today and to engage in consultation with Older People and their organisations on the matter.


for further information contact:                                           

Mairead Hayes                                                                        Tel:   (01) 8561243

Chief Executive Officer                                                         086 349 8848

Irish Senior Citizens Parliament                                5th December  2011


News in Brief – December 2010

January 5, 2011

The Irish Senior Citizens Parliament has issued a special “News in Brief” focusing on Budget 2011.

Click here: News in Brief December 2010 to view / download the newsletter (pdf format, 272kb).


BUDGET 2011 – Does it Protect Older People?

December 11, 2010

In the run-up to Budget 2011 the Irish Senior Citizens Parliament campaigned to “Protect Older People”. We maintained that it was vital that Older People be protected from the worst of the ravages arising from the Budget. Has today’s Budget 2011 accomplished this simple aim?

“Older People needed protection in the Budget. We very much welcome the  essential maintenance of the State Pension as well as the extra €40 in the fuel allowance. However it was disappointing to see that income tax age credits are to be phased out. This will only affect Older People, whose income will be taxed by up to an extra €325 per person. In addition Income Tax Age exemptions are being abolished over 4 years, again targeting pensioners with pretty low incomes.

Máiréad Hayes, CEO of the Parliament outlined the six planks underpinning the campaign:

  • Protect the State Pension
  • Protect Income
  • Protect Health Services
  • Protect against Fuel Poverty
  • Protect Transport Services
  • Protect Older People at Home

“Older People are well aware of the grave challenges facing Irish society. They are directly affected but also indirectly through their families”, continued Ms Hayes. “They help with childcare. They see their children losing jobs and their grandchildren emigrate. They witness the pay cuts and decreases in social welfare payments. Their families are hit with tax increases and cuts to the minimum wage. In summary profound anxiety for their adult children and grandchildren predominates, for although pensioners may have been saved the worst of direct cuts, the future will be one of struggling to help their families manage in
the most straitened of circumstances.”

“The future is still one of scrimping to make ends meet as the spending power of the pension is reduced with additional service changes and the scrapping of PRSI & Health Levy reliefs on pensions”, concluded Ms Hayes.


BUDGET 2011 – It’s not too late to Protect Older People

December 6, 2010

In the run-up to Budget 2011 the Irish Senior Citizens Parliament today ramped up its campaign to “Protect Older People”. The cold snowy weather and Budget 2011 both present special challenges to Older People. The weather threatens hypothermia, isolation and broken bones. The Budget threatens cutbacks and tax increases. Both events threaten service reductions. It is vital that Older People be protected from the worst of the ravages arising from both the weather and the Budget.

ISCP CEO Máiréad Hayes

Máiréad Hayes, CEO of the Parliament outlined the six planks underpinning the campaign:

  • Protect the State Pension
  • Protect Income
  • Protect Health Services
  • Protect against Fuel Poverty
  • Protect Transport Services
  • Protect Older People at Home

“Older People need protection from the current adverse conditions. We would support the good work of our member organisations and continue to ask people to visit their older neighbours and assist with their heating, shopping and transport needs. If people can help Older People by cleaning a path or giving them a lift or getting in some food & fuel, we can regain the community spirit for which the Irish are famed. Older People make up a substantial number of the 2000 winter related deaths and need to be protected.”

“Older People of course need protection in the Budget. Our reading of the ‘4 Year Recovery Plan’ and the leaks indicate potential devastation for Older People,” she continued. “We are also calling for an extra week’s fuel allowance to help compensate for the freezing conditions.”

“Those who live alone have extra needs”, she concluded.


National Demonstration – Hints and Tips

November 26, 2010

As you know, the Irish Senior Citizens Parliament is supporting tomorrow’s National Demonstration organised by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions. The Demonstration will be peaceful, dignified and well stewarded.

Now is our chance to make the Voice Of The Elderly heard in solidarity with students, trade unionists, the unemployed and the vulnerable.


  • We will have our Parliament banner – why don’t you bring along your own placards, posters & signs.
  • Let us know if you will be demonstrating. Contact us at 01 8561243 or email – we will provide you with mobile contact numbers for the day.
  • If you have any special requirements, let us know and we will help.
  • Dress warmly and protect yourself from bad weather.
  • If you wish to join in part way through the Demonstration, why not wait at one of the bridges along the route.
  • If you prefer, you can even wait at the GPO for the Demonstration.
  • Check out local Trade Union offices to see if they are providing transport.