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No Country for Old Men & Women

December 3, 2012



Regrettably it would appear that the government intend to target Older People in Budget 2013. If you do not agree with the measures which have been well leaked in the media then


Photo comp Shay Fennelly

Photo comp Shay Fennelly

Contact your government TDS, Senators and Councillors and ask them to lobby to have these proposed measures reversed. Leaving it to others or waiting until after Wednesday’s announcement in the Dáil may be too late. Many ordinary representatives are very unhappy with what is being proposed and remember it is they who will have to vote for the proposals. Tell them how the cuts and changes will affect you.

NOW is the time to act if you do not agree with what is being proposed.

If you need your medical card, cannot afford to pay a tax on your home, cannot afford the prescription charge, the increased local authority rent or to heat your home then act now. Go to the clinics, telephone, email or send them a letter.

Remember to voice your concerns in a quiet and dignified manner but make sure they understand how you will be affected BY THEIR PROPOSALS.


Stop Flying Kites

September 16, 2012

Kite Flying & Pensioners  

 Scarcely 4 days after the Tanáiste warned about the dangers of “a season of kite flying and leaks in the run up to the Budget ’” we find Minister for State,  Brian Hayes T.D. launching a divisive attack on older people”.

 Mairead Hayes CEO of the Irish Senior Citizens Parliament said “it is very disappointing to read the comments attributed to Minister Hayes implying that older people have come through “this crash and still have their incomes intact”.

Continuing she said that “Minister Hayes needs to take some time, sit down and brief himself about the cuts, reductions in services of all kinds and extra charges which have affected older people” . Continuing she said “he will find that the reality is much different to his perceptions”.

“It is doubly regrettable” she continued “that comments which could be seen to be divisive and lead to intergenerational strife are occurring in this the EUROPEAN YEAR FOR ACTIVE AGEING AND SOLIDARITY BETWEEN GENERATIONS 2012.”

Concluding she said that “this matter is so serious that both the Tanáiste & Taoiseach should state publicly if the remarks by the junior Minister are representative of the views and depth of knowledge of the cabinet as a whole with regard to older people”. 



16th September  2012