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ISCP in the Day of Protest 2009

November 19, 2009

ISCP inSpired

The Irish Senior Citizens Parliament took a proud part in Dublin’s Day of Protest (November 6) as part of the “Get Up, Stand Up” campaign.

Many of our volunteers came out to lend their support to the campaign which aims to protect jobs and pensions as well as vulnerable people and vital services.

Flag carriersHere are a few pictures from the March in Dublin.

If you have any comments on the campaign or pictures from the other marches around the country, leave a comment in the box below or e-mail us and we will try to add them to our news here.

Intergenerational Solidarity

Older solidarity


Communicating Europe – September 2009

November 2, 2009

In September we held a series of four meetings on Communicating Europe & the Lisbon Treaty. This was in response to requests from members.

The Irish Senior Citizens Parliament facilitated these meeting with Members of the European Parliament & other public representatives to inform Older People about the European Union & the Lisbon Treaty and their affect on older people.

Four meetings were held with a variety of speakers. The format was each meeting started with a “Just the Facts” presentation setting the context and history of the European Union facilitated by Andrea Pappin of the European Movement Ireland or Peadar O’Broin of the Institute of International & European Affairs. We sought a representative from the European Commission, but they were unable to facilitate our request.

This was followed by (an equal number of) speakers in favour (Y) of the Treaty & against (N) the Treaty. We had lively discussions as quite a number of older people came along both to listen and contribute.

The main speakers were:

  • Dún Laoghaire / Rathdown: Mary Hanafin TD (Y), Proinsias de Rossa MEP (Y), Eoin O’Broin (N) (in place of Mary Lou McDonald) and Tony Allwright, journalist (N). Seán Barrett TD attended and made a contribution. Frank Farrelly, ISCP Dún Laoghaire/Rathdown chaired the meeting.

DLR speakers

  • EPIC, Dublin: Gay Mitchell MEP (Y) & Patricia McKenna (N). Sylvia Meehan, President ISCP, chaired the meeting

EPIC Meeting

  • Finglas: Proinsias de Rossa MEP & Joe Higgins MEP (N). Hugh Smullen, Chair of Finglas Division ISCP, welcomed the attendees & speakers.
  • Galway: Cllr. Catherine Connolly (N) & Dr. Brendan Flynn, NUIG (Y). Evelyn Moran, ISCP Honorary Secretary & Galway Division chaired the meeting.
  • These meetings were organised in close cooperation with the local Divisions of the Parliament. Máiréad Hayes CEO and ISCP staff attended all meetings.

    Issues raised at the meetings included : healthcare, pensions, new taxes, why a second referendum, security & defence, the Citizens Initiative, the Charter of Fundamental Rights, the Irish guarantees, Ireland’s Commissioner, wage rates, climate change and & voting rights.



    October 28, 2009

    Protest 2008 crowd 1On 22nd October it will be one year since thousands of Older People from the length and breadth of Ireland protested at Dáil Éireann against the withdrawal of the medical card for the over 70s. That protest, organized by the Irish Senior Citizens’ Parliament, was the result of an attempt by Government to break faith with Older People on an issue which they considered to be vital to their health and wellbeing.

    On that day Sylvia Meehan, President of the Parliament and recent recipient of a prestigious People of the Year award, said that “research has shown that access to the medical card has led to a decline in serious illness amongst the over 70s. It is good value for everybody. It keeps us out of expensive hospital beds.”

    Today Máiréad Hayes, the Parliament’s CEO stated: “In that show of strength Older People showed that they are not ready to sit quietly in the corner and await their fate. We were proud of all of them and of ourselves in that manifestation of solidarity, strength and camaraderie which was so evident that day.”

    “We are conscious that we again face a difficult situation as we hear on a daily basis about the Budget which is about to be unleashed on us in December. The ground is being well prepared and, in turn, we in the Parliament hear on a daily basis from Older People living in fear of what is to come.”

    Protest 2008 crowd 3The ISCP believes that Older People’s health & welfare needs to be moved to the top of the political agenda. “We expect in this Budget that the vulnerable – and especially Older People – will be protected. We have made our Pre-Budget Submission to Government and we expect them to deliver for Older People”

    Continuing she said “Among the main points which we have stressed are:

    • A commitment to protect the most vulnerable;
    • An increase of €10 in the State Pension for Older People (see note below);
    • The reinstatement of the Additional Payment at Christmas for pensioners (Christmas Bonus);
    • Access to services as of right for all Older People and especially access to travel and the entitlement to the Travel Pass to continue to be available for all Older People”.

    “We should judge our government by how it treats society’s most vulnerable. We hope the government demonstrates its concern by protecting Ireland’s older citizens in Budget 2010” concluded Ms. Hayes.



    Sylvia Meehan – People of the year

    September 15, 2009

    The Irish Senior Citizens’ Parliament is thrilled and delighted that its President, Sylvia Meehan, has been presented with a prestigious “People of the Year” award. Sylvia was presented with the award by Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland for giving a voice to those who might otherwise be forgotten and for her skill and tenacity in asserting the rights of older people.

    People of the Year Awards 2009

    “The Parliament’s President is a vociferous campaigner for older people and has been a champion of equal rights in Ireland for decades”, said Máiréad Hayes, CEO of the Parliament, the country’s largest representative organisation of older people. “Sylvia has never stopped campaigning and came to the fore yet again last year when she led our campaign against the abolition of the universal entitlement to the medical card for over 70s”, she concluded.

    “Older people have become more confident and I am thrilled that this confidence is expressing itself” said Sylvia at the time of the protest, which culminated with 20,000 older people gathering at Leinster House.

    Sylvia has contributed to the National Oversight Committee and served on the board of the Council for Aging & Older People and has served as the Irish representative on the executive of AGE – the European Older Peoples Platform as well as the Government’s Task Force on Active Citizenship.

    Sylvia will chair the ISCP’s meeting on “Communicating Europe” on Friday 18 September in EU House on Dawson Street in Dublin.


    Communicating Europe Meetings

    September 6, 2009

     September 2009

     The Irish Senior Citizens Parliament are holding a series of meetings (details below) on Communicating Europe

    Three of the meetings  are being hosted by our Divisions in Dunlaoighaire, Finglas  and Galway. They are intended to provide an opportunity for Older People to receive in plain language;

    A factual presentation on the workings of Europe and its Institutions

    1. A presentation on the changes which would result from the Lisbon Treaty
    2. A forum which will allow both Pro and Anti Lisbon Treaty sides in the Referendum debate an opportunity to present their positions.

    Our intention is that Older People will be enabled to learn more about Europe and raise  questions on issues and areas of concern to them.

    Date Time Venue Speakers
    9 September 7.30– 9.30pm JohnstownParish Pastoral Centre,Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish,ChurchviewRoad,Killiney,

    Co. Dublin

    Andrea Pappin, European MovementMary Hanafin TD Minister for Social and Family AffairsProinsias de Rossa MEPMary Lou McDonald former MEP

    Tony Allright

    18 September 11.30am –1.15 pm EPIC Centre43, Molesworth Street,Dublin 2 Andrea Pappin, European MovementGay Mitchell MEPPatricia McKenna  former MEP
    23 September 2.00–4.00 pm WFTA Hall,Mellowes RoadWest Finglas European Movement Ireland representativeProinsias de Rossa MEPJoe Higgins MEP
    24 September 2.00 –4.00 pm Salthill Hotel,Galway European Movement Ireland representativeMarian Harkin MEPCllr. Catherine Connolly

    For further details please contact 01 8561243 or email


    Senior Citizens Parliament welcomes ending of Pharmacy Dispute

    August 18, 2009

    The Irish Senior Citizens’ Parliament has welcomed the ending of the 11-day dispute between pharmacists and the Health Service Executive over cuts in fees for dispensing state drugs.

    Speaking following the announcement of the resumption of normal pharmacy service, Máiréad Hayes, CEO of the Irish Senior Citizens Parliament stated that “the pharmacy dispute meant that older people faced the stress of additional travel and waiting times to obtain a regular supply of medicine. These vulnerable people felt caught in a crossfire between the Irish Pharmacy Union (IPU) on one side and the HSE and the Government on the other.”

    The ending of the dispute means an end to queuing by older people and allows those who have friends and families with them in this holiday month to enjoy it without the worry of having to travel and queue to get much needed medication.

    The ISCP recognizes that the cost of dispensing prescription drugs must be reduced and also that family pharmacies have the right to an adequate income. However older people suffered in the dispute and its ending is a victory for common sense.


    Impact of Pharmacy Dispute on older people

    August 8, 2009

    Usually August is a HOT Month, August is a HOLIDAY Month, August is a HEALTHY Month for Older People & Their Families.

    At a specially convened meeting today Saturday 9th August the Executive of the Parliament considered the reports from around the country of the severe impact the Pharmacy Dispute was having on all older people.

    Speaking following the meeting, Máiread Hayes CEO of the Irish Senior Citizens Parliament stated that “the dispute is now seven days old and the impact on older people in some pockets of the country is severe.

    A resolution must be found and common sense and logic demands that interventions at government must be made to end the impasse.

    We are aware of a harsh winter ahead and the promise of harsh and hard measures, so let’s stop the queuing and allow those who have friends and families with them in this holiday month enjoy it without the worry of having to travel and queue to get much needed medication.

    Concluding she called on the Minister for Health and Children to start the process now.