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ISCP at the National Demonstration

December 3, 2010

The Irish Senior Citizens Parliament supported the National Demonstration organised by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions on Saturday last. ISCP people came from as near as Finglas and as far away as Donegal on a cold, snowy Saturday to show their solidarity and to make the voice of older people heard. We joined something between 50,000 and 100,000 marchers from Dublin’s Civic Offices to the GPO.

We would like to thank everybody who joined the ISCP on the demonstration. In particular our friends from Older & Bolder were prominent with their pink umbrellas.

Evie Franks made a video about the Demonstration & included short interviews with the Parliament’s CEO, Máiréad Hayes, and Paul Walsh from the Parliament’s Limerick Division about why this Demonstration was so important.

Addressing the crowd, master of ceremonies Fintan O’Toole said thatv “We are here to say that we are who we are – citizens of a proud and free Republican democracy”. Other speakers at the event included Ictu President Jack O’Connor, Ictu General Secretary David Begg, and Siobhán O’Donoghue of the Community Platform. Marie Doyle of the Retired Workers Committee spoke on behalf of pensioners. She said elderly people had made a huge contribution to the State during their working lives and were now being treated like parasites. “We resent being told that we are a burden for the State”.

Performers Christy Moore, Frances Black and Jinx Lennon also entertained the crowd with relevant and hard hitting songs while actress, Ruth McCabe read, with emotion, from the 1916 Proclamation and the 1919 Democratic Programme the seminal founding documents of the State.


National Demonstration – Hints and Tips

November 26, 2010

As you know, the Irish Senior Citizens Parliament is supporting tomorrow’s National Demonstration organised by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions. The Demonstration will be peaceful, dignified and well stewarded.

Now is our chance to make the Voice Of The Elderly heard in solidarity with students, trade unionists, the unemployed and the vulnerable.


  • We will have our Parliament banner – why don’t you bring along your own placards, posters & signs.
  • Let us know if you will be demonstrating. Contact us at 01 8561243 or email – we will provide you with mobile contact numbers for the day.
  • If you have any special requirements, let us know and we will help.
  • Dress warmly and protect yourself from bad weather.
  • If you wish to join in part way through the Demonstration, why not wait at one of the bridges along the route.
  • If you prefer, you can even wait at the GPO for the Demonstration.
  • Check out local Trade Union offices to see if they are providing transport.

National Demonstration – There is a Better, Fairer Way!

November 25, 2010

The Irish Senior Citizens Parliament is supporting the National Demonstration organised by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions on Saturday 27 November 2010. The Demonstration will be peaceful, dignified and well stewarded.

We must ensure that the VOICE of Older People is heard at this crucial time.  We wish to engender a spirit of solidarity across the generations. Together we can repair the damage and work constructively to make this an island for young, old and all ages to live and fully participate in our society. At this time the key to recovery is a credible plan for job creation which will inspire hope and confidence.

We will be gathering at the Civic Offices on Wood Quay, Dublin 2 from 11.45am, for the 12 noon set-off. The march will proceed along the Quays into O’Connell Street for a rally in front of the GPO to conclude at 2pm. Click here for a map of the route.

Support the National Demonstration Against the Cuts - 12 noon on Nov 27th at Wood Quay DublinWe ask our member organisations and friends to get behind this campaign and show that Older People in Ireland will stand up for their rights and to protect pensions, health services, transport services, Older People at home and of course medical cards.