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ISCP sign Memorandum of Understanding

November 24, 2009

The Chairs and CEOs of five of Ireland’s age sector NGOs came together on 2 October 2009 at the offices of The Atlantic Philanthropies in Dublin to sign a Memorandum of Understanding. Atlantic seeks to increase the capacity of key organisations, including those made up of older adults, to advocate to protect government services for older adults.

The five organisations are Active Retirement IrelandAge and OpportunityThe Carers Association, the Irish Senior Citizens’ Parliament and Senior Helpline. The five organisations committed themselves to working together initially on shared premises, collective purchasing and hiring of expertise and a funding initiative.

This  Collaboration Initiative process began in May 2009. The anticipated outcomes by 2012 are:

  • greater cohesion among the five participating organisations, with regular communication and cooperation with other NGOs becoming a core part of each organisation’s “way of working”;
  • shared premises in a number of towns around Ireland with increased visibility of the NGO ageing sector across the country;
  • more professional and formalized organisational supports across all the participating NGOs; and
  • demonstrated cost savings across a range of goods and services.

A formal review of implementation will be carried out and the scope for broadening and deepening the Collaboration Initiative will be explored.



Communicating Europe – September 2009

November 2, 2009

In September we held a series of four meetings on Communicating Europe & the Lisbon Treaty. This was in response to requests from members.

The Irish Senior Citizens Parliament facilitated these meeting with Members of the European Parliament & other public representatives to inform Older People about the European Union & the Lisbon Treaty and their affect on older people.

Four meetings were held with a variety of speakers. The format was each meeting started with a “Just the Facts” presentation setting the context and history of the European Union facilitated by Andrea Pappin of the European Movement Ireland or Peadar O’Broin of the Institute of International & European Affairs. We sought a representative from the European Commission, but they were unable to facilitate our request.

This was followed by (an equal number of) speakers in favour (Y) of the Treaty & against (N) the Treaty. We had lively discussions as quite a number of older people came along both to listen and contribute.

The main speakers were:

  • Dún Laoghaire / Rathdown: Mary Hanafin TD (Y), Proinsias de Rossa MEP (Y), Eoin O’Broin (N) (in place of Mary Lou McDonald) and Tony Allwright, journalist (N). Seán Barrett TD attended and made a contribution. Frank Farrelly, ISCP Dún Laoghaire/Rathdown chaired the meeting.

DLR speakers

  • EPIC, Dublin: Gay Mitchell MEP (Y) & Patricia McKenna (N). Sylvia Meehan, President ISCP, chaired the meeting

EPIC Meeting

  • Finglas: Proinsias de Rossa MEP & Joe Higgins MEP (N). Hugh Smullen, Chair of Finglas Division ISCP, welcomed the attendees & speakers.
  • Galway: Cllr. Catherine Connolly (N) & Dr. Brendan Flynn, NUIG (Y). Evelyn Moran, ISCP Honorary Secretary & Galway Division chaired the meeting.
  • These meetings were organised in close cooperation with the local Divisions of the Parliament. Máiréad Hayes CEO and ISCP staff attended all meetings.

    Issues raised at the meetings included : healthcare, pensions, new taxes, why a second referendum, security & defence, the Citizens Initiative, the Charter of Fundamental Rights, the Irish guarantees, Ireland’s Commissioner, wage rates, climate change and & voting rights.


    Annual Report 2008

    August 19, 2009

    Annual Report 2008Click on the cover of the Annual Report to download the full 26 page report (pdf format – 561 kB).


    Impact of Pharmacy Dispute on older people

    August 8, 2009

    Usually August is a HOT Month, August is a HOLIDAY Month, August is a HEALTHY Month for Older People & Their Families.

    At a specially convened meeting today Saturday 9th August the Executive of the Parliament considered the reports from around the country of the severe impact the Pharmacy Dispute was having on all older people.

    Speaking following the meeting, Máiread Hayes CEO of the Irish Senior Citizens Parliament stated that “the dispute is now seven days old and the impact on older people in some pockets of the country is severe.

    A resolution must be found and common sense and logic demands that interventions at government must be made to end the impasse.

    We are aware of a harsh winter ahead and the promise of harsh and hard measures, so let’s stop the queuing and allow those who have friends and families with them in this holiday month enjoy it without the worry of having to travel and queue to get much needed medication.

    Concluding she called on the Minister for Health and Children to start the process now.