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Start the discussion NOW!!

July 16, 2009


to decide and start the discussion about  the Ireland we all want to grow Old in.

Lets start IT Now.

Speaking today following the publication of An Bord Snip Nua Report, Máiread Hayes CEO of the Irish Senior Citizens Parliament stated that “the Menu, choice and range of options in this report have the potential to detrimentally affect the lives of all Older People. The Menu ranges far and wide and if even partially implemented will have lasting consequences on the lives of all Older People”.

Noting Minister Lenihan’s remarks that “these are the choices we as a people and not just as public representatives and Government will have to face up to etc” on behalf of the Irish Senior Citizens Parliament she asked, “what process is the Minister proposing to ensure that all the people can be involved in the decisions”.

The Irish Senior Citizens Parliament wants and demands to be involved in the discussions and debates about the range of options contained in the report both in its own right as an organisation and also as part of the Community and Voluntary Pillar of Social Partnership.

Concluding she said “Minister lets have a timetable and start the debate now about the kind of Ireland in which Older People will be cherished.



Are older people getting a fair deal?

August 28, 2008

30th January 2008 from 1pm -1.45pm in Buswell’s Hotel

The Irish Senior Citizens’ Parliament invites you to join us for a Press Briefing on the issues which are important to Older People.

The time has come to let you know where we stand in relation to


The Fair Deal legislation is due to be put before the Dáil without adequate consultation with Older People.

As the Houses of the Oireachtas resume after the Christmas break it is timely that we take stock and look to the year ahead and what it holds for older people.

This is a time of reflection as Older People look to see how the December Budget impacts on their lives and what is in store for them in 2008.

We are two years in the Social Partnership Agreement Towards 2016 which as part of The Lifecycle Framework articulated in the Vision Statement for Older People that they be able to –

  • “participate to the greatest extent possible in social and civic life”
  • “have access to an income which is sufficient to sustain an acceptable standard of living “
  • Have adequate support to enable them to remain living independently in their own homes for as long as possible
  • Have access to good quality services in the community including health education transport housing and security
  • Have access to a spectrum of care services stretching from support to for self care through support for family and informal carers to formal care in the home, the community or in residential settings
  • Mindful  ” such care services should ensure the person has opportunities for civic and social engagement at community level”

Please come to our press briefing in Buswell’s Hotel, at 1pm on January 30th to hear older people speak for themselves on these and other issues.

An Irish Senior Citizens’ Parliament briefing paper on the fair deal will be circulated at the meeting.

Please contact Mairead Hayes, CEO on (01) 8561243  for press interviews.