Media Statement: The Fair Deal & Vacant Housing

August 15, 2017

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The Irish Senior Citizens Parliament (ISCP) is concerned at statements from the Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government Eoghan Murphy relating to the possible alteration of rules to the Fair Deal regarding the leasing out of vacant property by older people.

Though at this stage, details of potential changes remain unclear, we feel that forcing older people would not represent a solution to the current housing crisis. Indeed, older people already contribute 80% of their income in order to cover the cost of nursing home care. We feel this is more than enough.

Whilst we fully recognise the urgency of the situation, such an arrangement would not offer a fair or appropriate solution. With funding for social housing cut by almost 90% between 2008 and 2014, alongside a waiting list of 90,000 households, it is clear where the problem lies. In order to adequately address the housing crisis, an increased supply of housing, as well as a focus on provision of housing suitable to the specific needs of many older people, is required. Indeed, where, for example, older people wish to downsize their property, they should be facilitated to do so. As part of efforts to tackle the housing crisis, choice, fairness and autonomy must be preserved.

We call on the Minister to clarify his position on the matter and would urge the Government to respect and consider the needs and wishes of older people in relation to this issue.

Máiréad Hayes


086 349 8848   


Media Statement – Budget 2018

July 21, 2017

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The Irish Senior Citizens Parliament (ISCP), representing 330 affiliated organisations, is calling for the delivery of election promises in Budget 2018. Tomorrow at the Department of Employment and Social Protection Pre-Budget Forum in Dublin Castle, we look forward to discussing with Minister Regina Doherty T.D the EXPECTATIONS of older people for BUDGET  2018

We seek in BUDGET 2018 the implementation of A Programme of Recovery for Older People 2018-2020.

We now need concrete proposals and timelines which will incrementally restore and improve the conditions, health and general wellbeing of all older people.

Our specific proposals, informed by input from members across Ireland, include the Restoration of Cuts and Benefits and an Agreed Timetable to achieve this over the next 2 years.

We have welcomed the gradual restoration of the State Pension, but now it is time to accelerate this process and that is why we are calling for a €6, across the board, increase to all State Pensions and the restoration of the Transition Pension, or, failing this, an increase in the Jobseeker’s Allowance for older workers.

The issue of the ‘older old’ is also vitally important, with increasing frailty and mobility issues leading to increased costs. We are asking for an increase of €6 to the State Pension for all older people aged over 80.

We also call for an end to the unfair system of denial of access for pensioners to the industrial machinery of the State to vindicate their rights with regard to occupational pensions and for the introduction of a Pension Protection Fund, similar to that which exists in the UK.

Máiréad Hayes


086 349 8848




Submit your views on Home Care

July 13, 2017


The Department of Health has launched a public consultation process on the future of Home Care in Ireland. It is so important that your views on such an essential service are clearly heard, in order to ensure a decent, equitable and sustainable Home Care system in Ireland.

The Irish Senior Citizens’ Parliament will be delivering a submission, but individual submissions are also vital.

Submit your feedback at this link.

Please note that there are two survey options to choose from – an Easy Read and a Standard version. 



‘Cashless’ banks & older people

June 13, 2017

13th June 2017

The Irish Senior Citizens’ Parliament views with dismay the announcement by Bank of Ireland of significant changes to the level of service which will be available in up to 80% of their branches across the country within the next few months.

The Parliament view is that these changes will restrict the ability of many, across the lifecycle, to transact business in most of the Bank of Ireland branches. For many older people this will impose hardship and concern.  Many older people are digitally literate but for those who are not this will impose additional burdens and worry.

We know that many older people are reliant on over-the-counter transactions, and we demand that their specific needs must be recognised and accommodated.  We call on Bank of Ireland to seriously consider the implications of such changes for older and other vulnerable people in the community, who are reliant on the maintenance of existing banking services.

While technological progress is to be welcomed, it also must be acknowledged that changes must keep pace with digital literacy across generations. Into the future, a cashless society is, perhaps, inevitable, but is certainly not where we are yet.

We ask Bank of Ireland to reverse this decision until they show how they will respond and cater for those older people.

Máiréad Hayes


086 349 8848





Fancy a trip to Wexford Town in the sunny south east? Well dust down your dancing shoes, get that rhythm going and come along on Sunday 2nd April 2017 to Clayton Whites Hotel, Wexford Town at 3.00pm. The band and the floor await your ‘twinkle toes’. Take that ‘necessary trip’. Young or old, you can do it. There will be ‘no judging’. Just Fun.

March 23, 2017

Wexford Tea Dance


December 22, 2016

ISCP Christmas Card 2011


Solvent firms should not be allowed to walk away

December 14, 2016



Protect Pensions and Stop Solvent Firms walking away from their responsibilities

Tomorrow Seanad Éireann under the Social Welfare Bill 2016  will debate an amendment to the Pensions Act 1990 by inserting a new section 48A.

If passed this new section will ensure that

“ A solvent firm shall not be allowed to close a defined benefit pension scheme except where the scheme has reached a minimum 90 per cent funding standard.”.”.

Not a lot to ask, many of you might say, but let us see whether our Senators step up to the mark and do it.

We are urging all Senators to support this amendment and show they care for all of us. The manner in which members of schemes in solvent companies are being treated is a matter of serious concern. It must stop and now is the time to do it.

A pension to a worker is a promise to pay that which they and their employer contributed to during their working lives. It was taken account in pay negotiations. Surely you will agree it is not fair to seek to take it twice. The present situation where pensioners and deferred pensioners have no “Right Of Audience” for redress is a travesty. The only option for people to seek redress is through costly litigation to the courts which individuals and many of their representative bodies cannot afford.

We need change and if passed this amendment will be a first step to highlight the inequities where people who have contributed and paid into such schemes over many years are short changed and left in dire straits.

We need reform of the total pension system both Social Welfare and Occupational Pensions to ensure that pension rights are protected and that the position of women is included in such reform.

It is up to all Senators to vote to start that reform tomorrow.



Contact Mairead Hayes 086 349 8848 


14th October 2016